Perfecting the Details for Natural Wood and Fine Stones

LX Hausys

Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

HFLOR’s LVT collection provides unmatched design flexibility and installation versatility, making it the ideal choice for both residential and commercial spaces, meticulously engineered for perfection.

  • Dimensions: 9in x 60in
  • Product Type: SPS (Click)
  • Total Thickness: 6.0mm (0.236 in)
  • Wear Layer: 6.0mm (0.236 in) : 20mil (0.5mm)
  • Emboss: EIR
  • Installation: Click

LX Hausys

Our Collection

Nordic Hickory

Nordic Hickory, with its serene and mood-enhancing coastal-inspired palette of grey and beige tones, effortlessly adapts to any Modern Oasis decor, serving as a versatile canvas for design expression.

Natural Hickory

Natural Hickory, characterized by its confidently simple and universally appealing mid-toned color, embodies a timeless and comfortable choice for various applications.

Timbered Hickory

Timbered Hickory, with its rich terra tones and natural bark texture, provides a grounding and enduring aesthetic that complements both vibrant and natural color accents, making a lasting impression in any setting.

Vanilla Oak

Vanilla Oak, reminiscent of sun-bleached sandy beaches, brings a touch of modern grace to interiors with its balanced and flexible toned hue, refreshing and modernizing while providing a comfortably warm touch.

Natural Oak

Natural Oak, a timeless legacy hue, embodies family origins and values, creating a sense of ‘At Home’ no matter the location, with its sun-infused warmth that endures from generation to generation, essential for a balanced environment.

Blonde Oak

Blonde Oak makes a stylish statement as the contemporary ‘New Camel,’ offering a universally uncomplicated, golden backdrop for any décor, whether paired with bold or subdued color accents, exuding fashionable confidence in interior design.

Chocolate Oak

Malted Chocolate, an Artisanal mid-dark toned color, harmoniously blends warm yellow and red tones to enhance Chocolate Oak’s inherent flexibility, creating an inviting aroma of well-being that effortlessly revitalizes the home when paired with existing or new decors.

Stone Mountain Oak

Stone Mountain Oak is a versatile and functional choice, pairing well with Modern Minimalist decor in greige and chalky whites, allowing for bold color accents, and its seasonless and collaborative nature makes it easy on the eye in any environment.

Weathered Oak

Weathered Oak blends brushed mid-toned grey undertones with hints of yellow and beige to create a confident and sophisticated color story that flows effortlessly from room to room, unifying your environment with its inviting and tactile presence.

European Oak

European Oak, a refined and versatile bridge color between Legacy classics and Modern Minimalist influences, enriches the palette of lighter to mid-toned naturals, offering a sought-after luxury wood tone that delights in any application.

Wheat Oak

Wheat Oak, inspired by the natural elements of earth and wheat, exhibits fluid function and beauty with a harmonious blend of yellowed brown tones and golden rattan influences, making it an ideal choice for any Legacy color combination.

Smoked Oak

Smoked Oak, authentically cured and perfected to enrich the color palette with layered hues, preserving the woodgrain’s depth and refined function, evokes a timeless and hand-crafted-to-last quality reminiscent of nature.

No deformation from water. 

Exceptional anti-scratch performance.

Shortened installation time and maximized coherence by applying 5GI structure. 

Sound reduction by 21dB (ISO 717-2:2013), IIC Rating: 64 (ASTM E90).

Shortens installation time and ensures flush joints.

Excellent stability and underfoot comfort.

Reduces prep time and ensures smooth installation (no "Telegraphing).

C-EIR is LX Hausys' innovative embossing technique. This technology imprints captivating effects onto the surface synchronizing the high-definition image resulting in the authentic texture of wood.